Minecraft Tekkit: Solar Power

In this video i teach you how to start using solar panels as an energy source and also how to make and use an extractor.. Tekkit Mod Download: www.technicpack.net Tekkit Wiki: thetekkit.wikia.com

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25 Responses to Minecraft Tekkit: Solar Power

  1. DERPLE STIEN says:

    FINALLY! somone who can tell me how to use solar panals!

  2. flappybunz says:

    Why does my bronze wrench destroy my solar panel? it turnes it into a generator.

  3. umadbromnecraft says:

    is….is that… MJ?

  4. WalesGaming says:

    Lol your playing on peaceful huh. Noob,

  5. tjl1297 says:

    not sure if i should make this reference or just not

  6. TheSpiteriProject says:

    You put coal in a macerator

  7. jtams322 says:

    how do you make coal dust i press r on it to see how to make it and its says smelt hydrated coal dust. i look to see how to make that and you need coal dust?

  8. jtams322 says:

    copper wire

  9. MRLAX76 says:

    what wire did he use

  10. TheEnglish Scholar says:

    Damn, you got talked the fuck out!

  11. Totalowng says:

    And Zoidberg???

  12. Totalowng says:

    Not all Americans are like this :P But I apologize for the majority of my countrymen. They tend to be assholes.

  13. Totalowng says:

    You’re the one who took the time to comment on how you don’t like a video that you were in no way obligated to watch. At least this person did something useful.

  14. Craft1ngB3nch80 says:


  15. duckymomo1999 says:


  16. MrPughey123 says:

    In some parts he sounds like Bruce off family guy, ohhhh nooooo

  17. guns102 says:

    What’s the block in the sonar panel for?

  18. Gabriel Benaim says:

    TheSpiteriProject, if you render in 720 instead of 1080 you wont get the black ring around your video

  19. MineCraftIainNJack says:

    And so are you!

  20. TheFire259 says:

    thanks i messed up

  21. ajhakraHD says:

    You are so stupid!

  22. TheFire259 says:

    you sound so stupied!

  23. RaxSpIkE123 says:

    THANK YOU, I have been trying to figure out how to use solar panels for a while now =D

  24. shadowSTARwall says:

    thx useful. quick tip try and remove the black bars around it kinda decreases quality just search it on youtube plenty of tutorials here.

  25. blackbladiz says: